shawm[ʃɔ:m] n муз. средновековен обой.

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  • Shawm — Classification Double reed Related instruments Sorna Rhaita Suona Sopil …   Wikipedia

  • Shawm — Shawm, n. [OE. shalmie, OF. chalemie; cf. F. chalumeau shawm, chaume haulm, stalk; all fr. L. calamus a reed, reed pipe. See {Haulm}, and cf. {Calumet}.] (Mus.) A wind instrument of music, formerly in use, supposed to have resembled either the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • shawm — /shawm/, n. an early musical woodwind instrument with a double reed: the forerunner of the modern oboe. [1300 50; ME schalme < MF chaume < L calamus stalk, reed < Gk kálamos reed; r. ME schallemele < MF chalemel (see CHALUMEAU)] * * * Double reed …   Universalium

  • shawm — (n.) medieval oboe like instrument, mid 14c., schalmeis (pl.), also schallemele (late 14c.), from O.Fr. chalemie, chalemel, from L.L. calamellus, lit. a small reed, dim. of L. calamus reed, from Gk. kalamos. Mistaken as a plural and trimmed of… …   Etymology dictionary

  • shawm — [shôm] n. [ME schalme < MFr chalemie, altered < OFr chalamel < LL calamellus, dim. of L calamus, reed: see CALAMUS] an early double reed wind instrument resembling the oboe …   English World dictionary

  • Shawm — El shawm es un instrumento de viento de lengüeta doble, predecesor del oboe. Su campanilla y pared interior cónicas son más amplias que las del oboe. Una rueda llamada pirueta, por lo común da soporte a los labios del músico. Los shawms eran… …   Wikipedia Español

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  • shawm — ʃɔːm n. ancient wind instrument that had a double mouthpiece (predecessor of the oboe) …   English contemporary dictionary

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